Personalized Family Reunion Apparel
Are hosting a family reunion and need personalized apparel?

Let us help you for free!

We will create your own personalzed family apparel web page. We will help you with your family design or crest, and we will handle all the production and delivery.

Your family members order thier apparel directly from your personalized family page. They use simple tools to put thier name on the apparel, choose thier sizes, and pick from the colour options you have specified. They pay online and we deliver the apparel neatly packaged and labled to you.

You no longer have to worry about collecting money, getting the right size, and making a mistake with a family member's name or preference.

We handle it all for you!

Call us, drop by our store, or email us for your free Personalized Family Apparel web page.

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Email: sales@Klazine.ca